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Compliance vs Quality vs Cost of an Outsourced Cleaning Provider

December 9, 2019 by Dale Burgess

Have you ever wondered what is important to you in terms of cleaning? Do you focus on Cost, Compliance or Quality more? Do you lean toward two or prefer all three areas equally for a Balanced approach? Take the test and we can shed some light on it for you.


The outsourced cleaning scorecard will take under 5 minutes to complete, it asks some high level questions looking at Cost, Compliance and Quality and tries to weight them in order of importance to you, from the answers you provide.

Whether or not you have a current outsourced cleaning provider or are performing these things in house, this scorecard should provide you with some insight into what's important and possibly somethings you haven't even thought of before.

The test will also enable to you to understand how to get more value from your current outsourced arrangements, maximise the benefits you should be deriving from them, or provide alternative options for you to consider regarding Cost, Quality and Compliance.

Your outsourced cleaning provider needs to have an integrated Management System which encompasses Environment, Quality and Work Health and Safety Management. This system is required to be continuously updated to ensure the latest operating processes and procedures are implemented as well as compliance with industry and government standards. Challenger is certified to ISO standards across Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety systems. This enables continuous improvement in service standards, skills, training and systems allowing us to create value for our clients and deliver results with synchronised precision.


Challenger strives to provide a quality outcome that is compliant to all laws and salary award structures, all the while providing value to our customers. A tall order for many companies, but Challenger Services Group makes it work!

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