How do you avoid Smells and Pests in your Work Building?

Rethinking your Garbage Chute Cleaning and Maintenance

April 15, 2020 by Caroline Maxwell

Not many people would give much thought to their garbage chute; that vertical pathway that guides your garbage to its collection area at the street level or basement. There is one built on every high rise building floor just so you can throw your rubbish away at ease without having to make the journey downstairs.

Building workers and managers also see a garbage chute as a foolproof place to dispose of garbage. And why shouldn’t they? However, if the garbage chute is not well maintained and kept clean, there will not only be an unsavoury build up of smells, it also becomes a perfect breeding ground for pests.

Your building’s management should be keeping your garbage chutes clean and in correct working condition. Building occupants also have a role to play in a maintaining a hygienic garbage chute by adhering to given instructions to ease the process when your garbage chute is cleaned.



Why keep a garbage chute clean?

Despite it being hidden from sight, it is not wise to have an “out of sight, out of mind” attitude. It turns out that your garbage chute is as important to maintain as your public spaces and building’s exterior. If left unchecked, issues will develop that can create an unpleasant atmosphere in which to work at best.

So what happens in the life of your garbage chute? With time, as the garbage chute is frequently used, some of the contents will hit the walls of your chute and eventually coat the space with mould, bacteria and organic waste.

Nice. This leads to... 


Poor Air Quality

Mould and bacteria in the garbage chute can negatively impact the air quality of your building. It’s not just the smell, it’s the actual air quality as well.. The foul odour makes it uncomfortable and unhealthy for every person passing the vicinity in which the garbage chute is located.



Damage to the Chute

If overlooked for a while, some garbage chutes can start to show serious damage. Not only will you be dealing with foul odour and pests, but the chute may have to either be replaced, which is expensive, or inconvenience your tenants by making them carry their garbage downstairs, and this is not what they originally signed up for.


Pests and Odour 

The smell of rotten food and unsanitary conditions may be revolting to people, but cockroaches, flies and other insects absolutely love it. Once these little nasties infest your garbage chute, they are only too happy to move along to all the offices in the building and camp out uninvited.

Turbo Chute




Schedule Regular Cleanings

As a manager, it’s important to have a scheduled date to clean the garbage chute irrespective of whether it is filled or not. Doing this regularly will ensure that the garbage chute is always clean and free of pests and bad odours.


Educate Building Workers

Attaching a reminder on your building noticeboard will give both newcomers and older building residents some guidance on how to use their garbage chute properly to avoid littering and chute damage or congestion. It is important to educate occupants about using sealed plastic bags that won’t leak, as well as some risky items that should be double sealed. They should be made aware that by complying with these rules they will assist in keeping out cockroaches and unpleasant smells.


Clean the Garbage Room

It is not just the garbage chute that needs to be cleaned; the entire place where the garbage chute is placed should also be maintained to avoid remnants of disposed garbage creating an unhygienic space.


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